Friday, March 16, 2007

The Pros of having a Wood Frame Home

Every type of construction has pros and cons, and I would suggest that you do your research if you have questions. Many of Palm Beaches oldest and most notable wood homes are still in excellent condition because the lignin that cements its cells together is not only very strong, hue is largely impervious to water and the extremes of heat and cold.

Bottom line is even CBS homes have wood in them, they are less resistant to termites because they have less wood in them. One thing worth noting is that there is virtually no inspection by any building officials of the quality of the block or mortar used in the construction of Concrete Block Walls (CBS). Environmentalists point out that it takes 6-8 times the energy to construct a wall of brick or CBS as opposed to an all wood wall.

When wood sheathing is fastened to wood wall and roof framing, the entire structure becomes one unit, giving and recovering under stress. When built to the new existing codes, wood frame construction will survive far better during a hurricane. Not all wood frame homes are bad. I strongly suggest that if you are considering purchasing a wood frame home that you have it fully inspected and make sure that you have termite protection with a licensed professional.

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