Saturday, April 14, 2007

Media Wars....Now it is happening in the Sports World

If it is happening in the Sports World, it is only a matter of time before we see the changes in the Real Estate World. We already are seeing the changes, small BLOGs are popping up all over the country written about specific topics that the media either overlooks or does not see as profitable. And in many cases doing a better job of it.

Listening to National Public Radio yesterday, I had a moment where I actually pulled the car over to listen to the broadcast. What was said was validating everything I do in writing on three different BLOGs. Build it and they will come. Focusing on writing about Real Estate in the Greater Orlando Area. Not just anything -- consistent quality content. As a member of a team we also have a great BLOG site with great content for our buyers and sellers.

How does this affect you the Home Owner in Celebration or the Buyer looking to purchase here? Well it just cemented my commitment to writing even more now. We learn a lot of great information in the process of reporting what is going on in the industry to our readers.

How does my writing in this public forum help you? It means that I have greater exposure than other Realtors and with greater exposure, I have greater opportunities. Opportunities to draw buyers to your property for sale and in the process educate both buyers and sellers.

Listen to the broadcast and see what I am talking about, and let's talk about how the traditional media is threatened. These sports blogs are taking away money from traditional media, in advertising dollars. Less people read the newspaper, less revenue. Advertisers choosing to advertise on BLOGs instead of in the print media - less advertising revenue. This is about dollars and what made me pull over and pay attention. "ESPN Apologies for Radio Host's Attack on BLOG". This tells the story of how Colin Cowherd of ESPN Radio went after a website and crashed it resulting in The Big Lead being down for 48 hours. The site was critical of ESPN before the attack. The story goes on how Cowherd stole information from a BLOG in the past and had to publicly apologize after refusing to do so in the first place.

Curt Shilling's Blog, 38 Pitches features 2,000 words after each of his starts providing all sorts of insight that was never available to the public and long before the papers hits the streets. Why read it in the paper when you did so 12 hours earlier on-line, right from the Pitcher. Not only that you don't see what an editor does to water it down, it is pure from Curt himself.

Schilling told that he received 400,000 visitors first week. Hello! Just think of the ad revenue that generated! Curt is using his site to bring awareness to ALS and several other charities he is involved with. But just think about the power his personal BLOG gives him. There are countless Sports related BLOGs out there and lot of them have paid advertising throughout these sites.

This is why the media is threatened, they are about to lose a lot of power and as a result a lot of money. The changes are happening all over the media. Realtors are shifting their attentions to this new media and turning their backs on the traditional advertising venues. Now do you want to work with someone on the cutting edge or the person left in the dust? The Orlando Avenue Top Team in pioneering the way Realtors connect with buyers and sellers in this new age.

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Laurie Manny said...

Blogging has become big business and is returning the power to the people.