Monday, June 4, 2007

Welcome to Hurricane Season...

It is always important to be prepared. Now is the time to put together your Hurricanne Kit for the Orlando Florida area. The one that you hope that you never have to use.

I went through Hurricane Wilma, living on Marco Island I followed the evacuation orders and headed to Orlando. I came back right after the storm. I had food, I had bottled water and not only did I have three days worth, I had 5 days worth. Call me paranoid, but I would rather have too much! What we did not have and could not get our hands on was Ice. So I lost a fridge full of food. Guess that is why there is never more than a weeks worth now in my fridge.

So my great advice would be start empting out your freezer! If a storm does come, fill it full of ice before the storm. It is worth more than Gold after a storm.

Florida residents now have an opportunity to take advantage of stocking up on their hurricane supplies and save on the associated taxes with the Hurricane Preparededness Sales Tax Holiday.

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