Saturday, July 7, 2007

Blog Tour USA Comes to Celebration Florida!

Last night there was a call by the guys from Sellsius° for Local Bloggers in the Orlando Florida area to meet up with Blog Tour USA -- and we gathered in Celebration Florida.

Thanks to Maureen McCabe's email message alerting me to their early arrival, I jumped on the phone and called. I wanted to share Celebration with these guys, so I suggested the Columbia Restaurant. So I took them to the site of the First Florida ActiveRain Gathering.

Shaun Mclane author of the very popular Posh'd site and myself joined Sellsius° Co-Founders Joe Ferrara and Rudy Bachraty in an exchange of ideas. We were able to take advantage of this gathering to get to know these two terrific professionals and each other. And now what took an abstract knowledge of someone created reality for each of us.

Shaun and I are competitors in the Orlando Market, yet what came from our meeting is that our writing will draw us the customers we are best suited working with. Our writing sets us apart. And that is what Blogging is meant to do for those of us that take up the challenge. It is our way to connect with a whole new group of people. It is there to enhance what we already do in our daily business.

Blog Tour USA coming to your town? Open up your schedule and rush right over to the site they are headed! Today they are heading to Miami for a few days before heading on out of the state on their way to Inman News Real Estate Connect in San Francisco!

On their BLOG TOUR USA these guys are on a mission to make connections with fellow Real Estate Bloggers. Taking the mystery out and dealing with the real people! They are also documenting their entire trip. Finding out what people know about BLOGGING and bringing attention to the entire process!

It is fun to meet these people that you get to know via the Internet. The real surprise is the differences that you find in their real and on-line persona's. They are different and the same. And as you start to talk, really talk you come to understand so much more.

Selling Real Estate is a contact sport. No matter what we do on the Internet, there is still a very human element to it. Knowing the human behind the BLOG is what makes for a strong network and the connection that will draw others to us.

I knew that our Orlando Avenue Blog was an important part of our plan, but last night I had a huge aha moment. Blogging is a very powerful tool. Sitting in the Tour Bus chatting until 2am talking about Real Estate, the Internet and networking I realized I am part of something a lot bigger than I ever expected. I am part of it!

Thank you Joe and Rudy for coming to Celebration, and introducing me to Shaun -- may the rest of your trip be as much fun as our time in Celebration was last night!


David A. Podgursky, MBA - The Mortgage Go To Guy! said...

Welcome to South Florida guys!

Glad you made it out of Disney with gas money!'ll need it for your Cafes Cubanos in SoBe!

Midori Miller said...

Colleen-Wow, that's awesome. I bet you learned a lot. Thanks for the info now I can follow..

rudy said...

hi colleen!

it was our sincere pleasure to meet both you and shaun. the evening could not have been more perfect.

- rudy

p.s. that 1905 salad really hit the spot!

Ann Cummings said...

Colleen - what a great opportunity that was! If they make it up to my part of the country, I'd like to meet up with them. I saw Maureen's post about it, and thought what a great idea that was to be a part of that bus tour.

Sharon said...

How appropriate to meet at the site of the first Florida Active Rain gathering! Sorry I missed it. Hope they stop in St Pete or Tampa before leaving the state.

Ines said...

I heard through David that you were hanging out with the Selsius guys.....and so glad you posted about it. They are coming to Miami on a very busy weekend for me, but I really hope I can make time to meet them.

Maureen M said...

I saw that you'd met up on their blog this morning, on the BlogTour USA blog. I am glad they were able to find people to meet.

If you don't have "BlogTour" USA and "Blog Tour USA" set up on Google Alerts do so. That way YOU can alert bloggers downstream when the BlogTour USA guys find themselves with open time... or lost... They'd never get lost though.

1905 sounds neat.