Monday, July 9, 2007

Celebration Florida | Move With Kids

When buying a new home usually it is the adults that make all the decisions. But are we really making the best decisions for our children? Home buying can be traumatic for the kids. Just ask my 12 year old, Nicholas. In fact he is sitting next to me helping me write this post.

From a Kid's standpoint these are the most important aspects of is a house good enough to be our home:

  • What are the neighbor like
  • Are there kids in the neighborhood to play with
  • This one surprised me -- is the view nice, especially if it is a waterfront home
  • Does it have a pool?
  • How about a game room or an area that I can gather with my friends
  • Is there enough room for me to have my own room!

Here are some things that Nicholas felt made a neighborhood nice:

  • Friendly people - as you drive down the street people wave
  • Are there dogs in the neighborhood
  • Safe neighborhood - can I ride my bike freely in the neighborhood
  • Clean neighborhood - no litter, yards are nice and mowed properly, flowers in the garden
  • Is there a community park area, tennis, pool and playground near by
  • Is the school nearby? (long bus ride - YUCK!)

If you are planning on moving with the kids anytime soon, you might want to ask them for their input and trust their gut reactions. Kids see things sometimes so clearly that they may just help you from making the wrong purchase for your family!

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