Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thinking of Celebration Florida home?

Celebration Florida is the most successful planned community in America. It is no wonder why so many people want to call Celebration Florida home!

Celebration was designed by the best architects in the World, who studied a variety of urban development throughout the United States before designing Celebration’s plan. Situated in Osceola County, Florida just next door to Walt Disney World Resort, Celebration is close to everything Orlando Florida has to offer!

Celebration Florida was one of the most ambitious projects developed by the Walt Disney Comapny. Celebration was a community of the future based on the best principles from the past. In typical Disney fashion there isn't a detail that was missed.

Celebration was designed to look and feel like a southern town, pre-1940's. Celebration homes are a mixture of architectural styles including Craftsman, Victorian, French, Classical, Mede terrain, and Coastal.

There is something here in Celebration that appeals to everyone due to the strict guidelines set forth by Disney. It just feels familiar and so much like home.

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