Friday, March 21, 2008

Florida Mortgage | Foreign National Buyers shift Target Focus

Due to the dwindling availability of loan products and lenders for Foreign Nationals to purchase property in Florida, many Foreign National Real Estate Buyers in the US are having to change their focus... both in property and investment type.

Foreign Nationals will soon see the targets of their purchases changing from the traditional Second Home or Vacation Property to different investment grade properties and other ventures in Real Estate.

Foreign Buyers may have to join forces and form Syndicates in order to purchase commercial properties with higher price tags.  Higher prices coupled with higher cash flows will be attractive to Foreign Nationals who are investment minded.

Another option that exists for Foreign Nationals that are simply focused on the returns they could achieve in Real Estate Investments in the US might look to get involved with a Real Estate Developer.

Providing Equity and Operational Funds for a Developer looking to get a Residential or Commercial Real Estate Development Project off the ground would provide Foreign Investors with an investment term of typically 2-5 years during which time interest would be earned and a portion of the profits of the project would be shared.

Foreign Nationals may also buy wholesale pre-construction units to help a developer achieve their vital pre-sale requirements for a lender.  These units would then be re-sold in the development's inventory with a premium paid back to the original purchaser.

For the full article with more choices for Foreign National Real Estate investors follow this link -o-> Foreign National Buyers shift Target Focus

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