Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mary Poppins has some great advise for homesellers!

Mary Poppins Showing Advice

Having your home for sale it can be tough, and keeping it in showing condition can be overwhelming. Some of the best advice I can give you comes from Mary Poppins, keep it up as you go along. And if you have a showing of your home, hum this Julie Andrews classic while you prepare for the showing. It might just relieve some of the stress as you get ready. How can you not smile singing “A Spoonful of Sugar”?

Quick Showing Checklist before you leave your home for a showing:

  1. Freshen the bathroom and put the toilet seat down and close the shower curtain
  2. Turn on soft music through the house
  3. light a single sented candle in the home
  4. Make sure all the window shades and curtains are open
  5. All lights are on
  6. Beds made, rooms tidy
  7. All dishes put away, counters clear of clutter
  8. Art Gallery on Fridge removed?
  9. Get out of the house before the showing!

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