Monday, November 5, 2007

Celebration Florida Climate

Celebration Florida is centrally located in Orlando Florida with a mild winter climate. Many in the Greater Orlando area call Celebration Florida home. Part of the reason so many people love Celebration is the weather enjoyed by Central Florida residents.

Warm winters with plenty to do makes Celebration a very popular destination. It also makes for a great place to call home!

October - May the temperatures range:

  • Days - Low 70s F (22 C) to mid 80s F (27 C)

  • Nights - Low 50s F (10 C) to mid 60s F (16 C)

June - September the temperatures range:

  • Days - Upper 80s F (27 C) to mid 90s F (32 C)

  • Nights - Upper 60s F (16 C) to mid 70s F (22 C)

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